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15 Stage Shower Filter

15 Stage Shower Filter

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No longer must you tolerate cleaning yourself in harsh, unhygienic, toxin-ridden water, the Hydrogenius bathroom filter, methodically designed with 15 powerful stages of water purification, is an industry leading water treatment system that ensures you and your loved ones are bathing in pristine, safe, rejuvenating water. 

Infused minerals activate and recharge cells, tissues, & neurons
🦵Reduce Joint-pain
Minimize inflammation, decompress joints, lubricate tissues 
💇‍♂️Treat Hair-loss
Clear out blockages, rejuvenating elements repair damaged follicles
🧴Promote Healthy Skin
Revitalising minerals hydrate dry, flaky & irritated skin types
🏋️‍♂️Muscular Recovery
Supplement electrolytes directly to the muscle fibres 
🧼Remove Gunk
Filter sludge, rust, slime, microplastics, limescale, debris, concrete
💥Eliminate Chemicals
Remove Fluoride, Chlorine, Chloramine, 
🦠Sterilize Micro-organisms
Kills bacteria, fungi, mould, as well as their eggs/lava 
🏭Filter Heavy Metals
Draw out lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminium + more 
👨‍🔧Easy Maintenance
Simple to remove + reattach for cleaning or flushing purposes

As a consequence of the prolonged neglect of urban water pipes in combination with the failure to address the ever present sludge and accumulative gunk that consequently seeps into our tap water, it is an uncomfortable fact to realize we are expected to clean ourselves in putrefied water.

Innovatively crafted with 3 integrated filtration, purification & remineralization phases, our bathroom filter delivers superior water quality that not only feels, looks, tastes and smells cleaner, infused minerals and vitamins will create a sense of complete relaxation with every shower that will 

Embarrassing post shower rotten odors and lingering BO will be a thing of the past as the industrial quality filtration components remove contaminating muck from your water supply, enabling you to properly wash away dirt, smells and grime from your body, rather than soaking in them.

You will notice how much more relaxed and clear minded you feel after each shower thanks to the imbedded purification technology which removes inflammatory & neurotoxic chemicals (Cl2, Fl2, Pb, Ag) thereby enabling your mind and body to properly relax and recover.

Instead of your body having to work over time to regulate and detox harmful water contaminates [our Bathroom Filter does all that for you] that absorb through the pores of skin, it can now refocus on detoxing waste products and deeply imbedded blockages, further amplifying your post shower sense of clarity. 

Hair and skin health will noticeably improve as result of bathing in cleaner water infused with a therapeutic combination of minerals and vitamins. Infused magnesium, potassium and calcium promotes blood flow promoting minerals

Innovatively Crafted with 3 Integrated Phases

Our bathroom filter ensures your bathing water has been filtered of revolting contaminants, pernicious chemicals, unhygienic bacteria, malignant neurotoxins, as well many other harmful impurities, before making contact with the skin. 

15 Stages of filtration to quickly, easily and naturally eliminate all the gunk from city, hard and well water systems.
Standard 1/2" thread type, makes it compatible with any similarly designed shower head, hand shower, etc.
Our high-performance inline water filter does not reduce existing water pressure, improving flushing results.
But if there is a lot of sediment, you may need to backwash frequently to avoid a reduction in water flow. 
Depending on water quality and frequency of use, it needs to be replaced every 4-6 months (approximately 12,000 gallons).
Easy to install, simply open the filter housing, remove the old one and replace it with the new one, making sure the gasket is in its slot inside the filter to avoid leaks. To remove any toner build-up, let water pass through the filter for 5-10 minutes before use.

15 Stages of filtration:

*Stage 1-3 (sediment removal):
Sediment filter: captures large contaminants (slime, sand, limescale)
Ultra-fine stainless steel mesh: prevents medium-sized sediment from entering the shower filter.
PP cotton: removes small sediment, dust, and turbidity from water.

*Stage 4-6 (impurity removal):
Calcium sulphite: removes fluoride, chlorine, water-soluble metals
KDF 55: removes chlorine, heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminium), prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus.
Activated Carbon: helps remove fluoride, chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs), pesticides, .

*Stage 7-12 (revitalizing minerals):
Far infrared: boosts negative ions and oxygen levels in water.
Zeolite: releases revitalizing minerals.
Vitamin Stone: infuses the water with Vitamin C, a powerful anto-oxidant
Mineral balls: boosts penetration and releases revitalizing minerals that regenerate hair & skins cells.
Medical stone: adjusts the pH of the water , releases trace elements, therapeutic salts (Mg2+, K+, Ca2+)
Alkaline ball: minimizes water acidity, facilitates alkalinity

*Stage 13-15 (protection):
PP cotton: removes small sediment, dust, and turbidity from water.
Ultra-fine SS mesh: prevents medium-sized sediment from entering the shower filter
Sand filter: captures large sediment such as sand and limescale.

Colour: silver
Size: 120*85mm
Thread: 1/2"

Package Included:
1x Shower head purifier
2x Filter elements

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