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Toxin Removing Shower Head

Toxin Removing Shower Head

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Noticing strong odours, dry skin, and damaged hair after your showers? Say goodbye to impurities and hello to luxurious, revitalizing showers with Hydrogenius Shower Head Filter! 
Transform your shower routine into a luxurious escape with our Toxin Removing Shower Head. Immerse yourself in the pure, revitalizing power of filtered water!

🌟 Advanced Filtration: removes heavy metals, sediment, pipe sludge, & impurities
🌱Chemical FREE: eliminate poisonous chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride 
💧Nourishing: purified water infused with essential minerals
🧴Hydrate Skin: leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated
🪮Hair Growth: stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss by protecting hair follicles
💡Easy Installation: easy-to-install design, upgrade your shower in minutes
🚀Performance: spa-quality shower experience, purified, relaxing, rejuvenating


Our Toxin Removing Shower Head simultaneously eliminates irritable and toxic impurities from  you and your family from showering in unclean water while also providing you with a shower so revitalising 
Infused with naturally-sourced water treatment, purification, & ... specifically designed to eliminate harmful contaminants and chemicals anymore with clean, safe and purified water, infused with essential minerals, with each and every shower.
By removing harsh irritants, including chlorinated Within days of first using the Toxin Removing Shower Head you will notice previously flaky or acne prone skin rapidly heal after replacing the harsh,  chlorinated Calcium, potassium, & oxygen-infused water improves dry skin by increasing cell viability, making the skin more smooth while also combating hair loss by hydrating the epidermis.
Rejuvenate damaged and thinning hair with every shower as your hair follicles are properly hydrated while simultaneously being encouraged to detox any stubborn blockages or impurities. 
With 3 different pressures to choose from the Hydrogenius Toxin-Removing Shower Head immerses you in a stream of purified water, guaranteed to envelope you in a cascade of relaxation and rejuvenation every time you step into the shower.


3 Water Flow Patterns
This powerful shower head has 3 different modes to select from, rain/massage/spray, allowing you to vary
water pressure to your preference without the need to readjust the taps or water temperature, making your daily showering routine even more easy-going. 

On/Off Switch
instantly pause & restart water flow to apply or wash off shampoos and soaps without the brain drain of recovering the ideal water temperature. 

3-Layer Filtration
Remove irritable chemicals, eliminate impurities, and restore alkalinity.

High Pressure & Water Saving 
Converging micro nozzle designs makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, thereby increasing water pressure while simultaneously saving 30% water usage when compared to ordinary showerheads. 

Effortless Maintenance 
If the limescale begins to accumulate on any section, simply put the component in white vinegar for 1-2 hours (if limestone & mould are accumulating on stainless steel and ceramics, imagine what is accumulating in your body).

Durable & Easy To Install
The shower head is easy to install without tools; simply screw onto any standard shower hose. Ionic shower head is made of durable ABS material, which prevents rust and deformation.

Ultra Comfortable Experience
3-setting modes showerhead filter are good for adults, children, even pets. 

Item Type: Three mode switch filter shower head
Features: 3 mode water outlet switch
Applicable Interface: Universal Half Interface
Product Size: 80mm x 240mm
Material: ABS engineering plastic, electroplated surface

Package Included:
1 x Shower Head

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