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Gravity Fed Water Filtration Bag (6L)

Gravity Fed Water Filtration Bag (6L)

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Introducing our Gravity Water Filtration Bag, your ultimate companion for clean and pure hydration on the go! Crafted with innovation and convenience in mind, this filtration bag is your solution to obtaining safe drinking water wherever your adventures take you.

Whether you're camping, backpacking, or traveling off the beaten path, having access to clean water is essential for your health and well-being. With our Gravity Water Filtration Bag by your side, you can explore with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable and efficient means of obtaining safe drinking water wherever your outdoor adventures take you.

Our filtration system utilizes advanced technology to remove up to 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of protozoan parasites, ensuring that every sip you take is clean and free from harmful contaminants. Whether you're camping in the wilderness, hiking remote trails, or traveling to unfamiliar destinations, trust our filtration bag to provide you with reliable and safe hydration.

Effortless Filtration: Say goodbye to tedious pumping or squeezing. Our Gravity Water Filtration Bag simplifies the process by relying on gravity alone. Fill it up, hang it, and enjoy purified water without any manual effort.

High-Level Purification: Our advanced filtration technology removes up to 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of protozoan parasites, ensuring that you're drinking water that's safe and free from harmful contaminants.

Versatile: Whether you're camping, hiking, traveling, or facing emergency situations, our filtration bag is your reliable source of clean water. It works with any freshwater source, from mountain streams to tap water.

Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of outdoor adventures, our filtration bag is made from high-quality materials that are rugged and long-lasting. You can trust it to perform reliably in any environment.

Peace of Mind: Whether you're exploring the wilderness or facing an emergency situation, having access to clean water is essential for your health and well-being. With our filtration bag, you can drink confidently, knowing that every sip is pure and safe. 

Portable and Lightweight: We understand the importance of traveling light when venturing into the outdoors. That's why our filtration bag is designed to be compact and lightweight, allowing you to easily pack it into your backpack or attach it to your gear without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

Simple Setup: When you're out in nature, you don't want to waste time fiddling with complicated equipment. Our filtration bag features a user-friendly design with easy-to-follow instructions, so you can set it up quickly and start filtering water in minutes. There are no intricate parts or complex mechanisms to deal with—just fill, hang, and let gravity do the work.

Cost-Effective: Instead of constantly purchasing bottled water or investing in disposable filtration systems, our reusable Gravity Water Filtration Bag provides a cost-effective solution for accessing clean drinking water wherever you go.

Convenience on the Go: Designed with portability in mind, our filtration bag is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry in your backpack or travel bag. Plus, its simple setup means you can have clean water wherever you are, without the need for electricity or batteries.

Rugged Durability: Constructed from robust materials, including durable nylon and high-grade filtration components, our filtration bag is built to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. It's resistant to tears, punctures, and abrasions, ensuring it holds up against rough terrain and unpredictable weather.

Versatile Compatibility: Whether you're camping in the backcountry, hiking along remote trails, or embarking on a wilderness expedition, our filtration bag is compatible with a wide range of freshwater sources. From pristine mountain streams to murky ponds, it effectively filters out impurities, ensuring you have access to clean and safe drinking water wherever your outdoor pursuits take you.

Reliable Filtration Performance: Our filtration system is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, removing harmful bacteria, protozoa, and other contaminants from water sources. With industry-leading filtration capabilities, you can trust our filtration bag to provide you with clean and great-tasting water, allowing you to stay hydrated and healthy during your outdoor adventures.

Longevity and Sustainability: Unlike disposable water filtration systems that contribute to environmental waste, our Gravity Water Filtration Bag is reusable and built to last. By investing in a durable and sustainable filtration solution, you can minimize your environmental footprint while enjoying the benefits of clean water in the great outdoors.

Membrane Solutions Gravity Water Filter Bag 1.5 Gal (6 L), Camping Water Filtration System with Adjustable Tree Strap Water Bag and Water Filter Straw for Group Camping, Backpacking, Travel and Hiking.


Extra-Large Capacity: After the survey, 6L capacity is the most appropriate solution for group water needs. our water filtration system survival can provide you with enough reliable sources of pure drinking water at any time and anywhere. Especially in an emergency.

4-Stage Filtration: Our gravityworks water filter made up of 0.1-micron hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, coconut shell GAC filter, and double PP fiber filter.

Superior Backwash Solution: Detachable mouthpiece connects with the common bottle for backwashing, no need for an extra syringe. No cumbersome fittings and lightweight. Easy carrying water filter camping when putting all the parts in the storage bag.

Versatile Use Ways: More ways you can find besides gravity-fed water filter system, like use as a water filter straw direct, or add an extension tube on water straw for more distance using, even connect with water bottles. Camping water filter offer you clean drinking water anywhere, anytime.

Easy to Hang on Trees: Adjustable tree strap fits the most trunks, minimum length: 22.5 inches and maximum length: 41.5 inches. No worry about losing, thanks for the one-piece design.


Product Name

Personal Water Filter Straw


Membrane Solutions

Purification Capacity


Filter Stage


Stage 1&2

coarse filter screen, pp cotton

Stage 3

Activated carbon filter

Stage 4

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes

Filtration Accuracy

0.1 Micron






8.81 inch

Fit for

river water, rain water, stream water, lake water, mountain spring water and cellar water.

Be used for

outdoor backpacking, hiking, camping, travel, hunting, fishing, scouting, emergency preparedness, etc

Multi-Functional 1

Fits standard screw top bottles;Fill water bottle, attach screw top securely to the bottom of the water straw

Multi-Functional 2

Use gravity, squeeze or sip water; Carry an empty water bottle and attach water straw when you are ready to drink

Multi-Functional 3

Add a water filled hydration bladder, with tubing at both ends of the water straw, to stay attached, when on the go

Package Content:
1* 6L Gravity Bag With Tree Strap
1* Water Filter Straw
1* Storage Bag
1* Retail Box
1* Connector for Special Bottle
1* Food-grade Silicone Tube
1* Shut-off Clamp
1* User Manual


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