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Hydrogen Bottle

Hydrogen Bottle

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Unlock the Power of Hydrogen!

Ready to experience a revolutionary approach to health and performance? Unlock your full potential and embrace a healthier, more vibrant life with hydrogen-infused water.

⭐️More Energy
 Operate at a higher frequency for longer
🧠Cognitive Performance
 Increase focus, creativity & problem solving, induce brain waves responsible for clarity
💰Save $$$
 Don't waste your money on bottled water that is full of plastics
 Quieten mental chatter, relax the central nervous system
💪Exercise & Recovery
 Buffer lactic acid, activate motoneurons, distribute electrolytes 
 Powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory, clears out metabolic waste   
👨‍⚕️Scientifically Validated
 +40 years of Hydrogen focused research
🌿Naturally Safe
 Organic & non-toxic, H+ is completely safe for human consumption

By drinking hydrogen-infused water the human body is charged with a surplus of Hydrogen-ions which provide numerous performance and therapeutic benefits. 

Hydrogen is considered to be the human body's master regulator thanks to it's ability to perform multiple critically important life sustaining functions, that include, energy production, detoxification, sleep & wake cycles, as well as many others.

Thanks to the in built purification filter and electrolyser, even the most bland, chemical ridden tap water will be transformed into purified, rejuvenating, high-quality water that will revolutionise your health and well-being.

All you do is

  1. Fill bottle with water (Purified, filtered or mineral water for optimal health benefits)
  2. Press the power button to initiate H+ production
  3. Enjoy watching the hydrogen purify and super charge your water then enjoy!

Note: Tap water, due to the considerable amount of contaminates, may require 2 rounds of H+ production. The first to ensure the chemicals are effectively removed from the water and the second to ensure your water contains a surplus of health promoting H+

Furthermore, Hydrogen is an incredibly effective neutraliser of harmful chemicals and pollutants known to contaminate common tap water. Once infused into your water, Hydrogen-ions (H+) actively seek out harmful neurotoxins, such as Fluoride (Fl-), purifying your H2O of these destructive contaminates, as you will observe in the form of countless bubbles being expelled from your water.

Quality Materials: Boron-silicon high temperature resistant glass
Innovative: platinum + titanium electrolysis technology (high hydrogen concentration with good stability)
3 minute run time: one button operation is simple 
Long Lasting: large-capacity lithium battery 
Easy To Charge: USB universal interface for quick and convenient charging 
Convenient Cleaning: unique split design (separatable design of borosilicate glass body, lid and base, makes cleaning simple)
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