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Hydrogen Bottle XL

Hydrogen Bottle XL

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Unlock the Power of Hydrogen!

Ready to experience a revolutionary approach to health and performance? Unlock your full potential and embrace a healthier, more vibrant life with hydrogen-infused water.

⭐️More Energy: operate at a higher frequency for longer
🧠Mental Clarity: increase focus, creativity and problem solving abilities
💰Save $$$: don't waste your money on bottled water
💤Sleep: quieten mental chatter, relax the central nervous system
💪Recovery: buffer lactic acid, activate motoneurons
: powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory  
👨‍⚕️Scientifically Validated: +40 years of Hydrogen focused research
🌿Naturally Safe: organic & non-toxic, H+ is completely safe for human consumption

By drinking hydrogen-infused water the human body is charged with a surplus of Hydrogen-ions which provide numerous performance and therapeutic benefits. 

Hydrogen is considered to be the human body's master regulator thanks to it's ability to perform multiple critically important life sustaining functions, that include, energy production, detoxification, sleep & wake cycles, as well as many others.

Thanks to the in built purification filter and electrolyser, even the most bland, chemical ridden tap water will be transformed into purified, rejuvenating, high-quality water that will revolutionise your health and well-being.

All you do is

  1. Fill bottle with water (Purified, filtered or mineral water for optimal health benefits)
  2. Press the power button to initiate H+ production
  3. Enjoy watching the hydrogen purify and super charge your water then enjoy!

Note: Tap water, due to the considerable amount of contaminates, may require 2 rounds of H+ production. The first to ensure the chemicals are effectively removed from the water and the second to ensure your water contains a surplus of health promoting H+

Furthermore, Hydrogen is an incredibly effective neutraliser of harmful chemicals and pollutants known to contaminate common tap water. Once infused into your water, Hydrogen-ions (H+) actively seek out harmful neurotoxins, such as Fluoride (Fl-), purifying your H2O of these destructive contaminates, as you will observe in the form of countless bubbles being expelled from your water.


1.Revolutionary Hydrogen Infusion: Our hydrogen water bottle is a game-changer, designed to transform ordinary water into hydrogen-rich water using groundbreaking technology. Hydrogen-rich water is believed to contain high levels of hydrogen gas, which may offer potential antioxidant and health benefits.
2.Cutting-Edge SPE Ion Membrane Technology: Our hydrogen water generator bottle utilizes state-of-the-art SPE ion membrane technology to deliver the highest quality hydrogen-rich water. This innovative technique separates hydrogen gas and oxygen from water using ion membranes, then infuses the hydrogen gas back into the water, creating a superior hydrogen-rich beverage.
3.Large Capacity for All-Day Hydration: With a generous 1.5L capacity, our hydrogen rich sports water bottle can produce a substantial amount of hydrogen-rich water in a single fill. This means you'll have enough water to meet your daily hydration needs or share with your loved ones. Stay hydrated throughout the day without worrying about constantly refilling your bottle.
4.Leak-Proof Design for Hassle-Free Portability: Our hydrogen water ionizer machine features a leak-proof design, ensuring that you can take it with you on the go without any concerns of spills or leaks. Crafted with durable materials, it guarantees a reliable and mess-free experience. Whether you're heading to the gym, going for a run, or embarking on outdoor adventures, our bottle is your dependable companion, providing easy access to hydrogen-rich water whenever you need it.
5.Easy to Use, Easy to Enjoy: Our hydrogen rich water cup is incredibly user-friendly and requires minimal effort to enjoy the benefits of hydrogen-rich water. Simply add water from any suitable source, activate the generator, and it quickly produces hydrogen-infused water for your consumption. The convenience of our bottle allows you to experience the benefits of hydrogen gas effortlessly, making it a convenient way to enhance your overall well-being.
6.Durable: drop & knock resistant materials to ensure durability in boisterous situations.


Color: Grey, White, Green, Pink
Size: 22*12cm/8.66*4.72inch
Hydrogen Production Concentration: 1200PPB-2400PPB
Battery: 1500 Mah
Hydrogen Production Time: 6min
Capacity: 1500ml

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